A long way in short steps.

Entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience.

Since the company was founded more than 20 years ago, our organization has not stopped growing, improving our services and products for customers day by day, an objective that turned into expanding the number and quality of our companies in the group.

Marketing Services.

Networks of local business support institutions are of decisive importance in achieving sustainable export development.
The partners of these networks are organizations of different types and service providers for business development, including private consultancies, trade support institutions, training centers, technical institutes, universities and NGOs.
These networks can be sectoral or transversal, and require active management so that the services they provide are of the highest quality.

- Beverages -

- EPIS manufacturing -

- International Services -

- Branding -


Technnical assistance is tailored to customer requirements and takes account the development needs of each sector. Advisory services draw on Dismark´s extensive in-house resources for market information systems and industry expertise. Added to all this are the practical knowledge of international marketing experts. Special programs are then designed in colaboration with receivers and donors for especific sectors and export markets.


Our objetive is to lead the change, implementing tailor-made solutions, managing to identify the best actions in order to know the purchase intentions of costumers or feedback on market growth
All this incorporating models of analysis, prediction and the best performance of the online channel for the distribution of this products at a national and international level.

Human Team

Our human team has been able to carry out a process of adaptation and functional agility. We have diligently and successfully taken on the challenge of transforming ourselves. Actually, transform our final product to cover a pressing need in the health system.



Operación cofinanciada pola Unión Europea Programa Operativo FSE
Galicia 2014-2020 Contratación xestores de internacionalización: (IG166)
Como apoio ao proceso de internacionalización da empresa, Dismark Products S.L. ten axuda concedida
pola Xunta de Galicia a través do IGAPE para a contratación dun xestor, ao abeiro da Convocatoria de axudas
do IGAPE para a contratación de xestores de internacionalización, cofinanciadas polo Fondo Social Europeo
no marco do Programa Operativo FSE de Galicia 2014-2020, e incluídas no Obxectivo Temático 08 de
conseguir formación e un emprego de calidade.

Fondo Social Europeo, O FSE inviste no teu futuro.
Estas axudas teñen como obxectivo facilitar a adquisición de competencias profesionais en materia de
internacionalización e, a incorporación ou reinserción ao mercado laboral ao mesmo tempo que se apoia ás
pemes galegas no seu proceso de internacionalización. O resultado que se pretende é que os profesionais
sigan contratados tras a súa participación no programa, na mesma empresa ou noutras grazas a experiencia
práctica recibida.