Lussory wines, best non alcoholic wine

Premium non alcoholic wine

Lussory Wine | Premium non alcoholic

✔ We are proud to announce and present the first wines that have 0% alcohol content, are 100% pure and bear the Halal certification.

✔ LUSSORY has arrived as a unique, unrepeatable wine.


Organic non alcoholic wine

Lussory Organic 0.0 | Premium non alcoholic

✔ Discover the Lussory Organic range, wines with 0.0% alcohol, 100% pure and Organic certified.

✔ ECO | Sustainable production

✔ Respectful with the environment

✔ Within the organic viticulture world, the focus is on nature; production is made as it used to be made many years ago, but using the current technology and agrarian knowledge.


Non alcoholic Wines with edible 24K GOLD

Lussory Gold 24K


Lussory Gold 24k was born from a careful selection of grapes, harvested at different stages of maturity and it is an exclusive Alcohol removed sparkling wine.


Lussory Gold 24k is presented as a sparkling without alcohol, full of glamour, containing 24k edible gold, the perfect product for the most demanding palates.
(Halal Certification ).
Showing straw yellow colour, fruity, with notes of apple, pear, fruits and floral.